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Delivers almost infinite numbers of bogus email addresses to email harvesting bots

Fight Back Against Spammers

WWW Robots (also called wanderers, spiders, crawlers, or bots) are programs that crawl the Web continually retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's bot visits your website, blog, forum, etc, all pages and sites linked to it will be searched looking for email addresses.

Now you can fight back against their robots!

All you have to do is link to this page so that whenever a spammer's robot scans your page, it will be sucked into this one. To link to this page, just use this simple code:

Text : Fight Spam! Click Here!

Blog Sticker : sp-sticker.gif
See sample page! Infinite number of links to bogus e-mail addresses

These links will redirect email harvesting bots to trap sites that will feed it with an almost infinite loop of dynamically generated fake email addresses, mostly on known spammer owned domains! This will render their harvested lists practically useless and of no commercial value.





"Foil the spam robots crawling your blog for email addresses with SpamPoison." The icing on your electronic cake. The Guardian, UK









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