A Manhattan Project Is Required to Rapidly Develop and

Implement World-Wide Free EM Energy from the Active Vacuum


T. E. Bearden Aug. 13, 2008





The Overall Situation


            We assume the recipient is aware of (a)  the increasing energy crisis and global warming today, (b) the various proposals to address the energy problem and the severe shortcomings of each, and (c) the fact that all present proposals are at best stop-gap measures simply postponing world disaster and not yielding any real solution.

            As Al Gore incisively stated in July 2008, "The survival of the
United States of America as we know it is at risk. And even more¾if more should be required—the future of human civilization is at stake."


            We also strongly support Gore's statement in latter 2007 that “What we are going to have to put in place is a combination of the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Project and the Marshall Plan, and scale it globally.” That is what has to be done programmatically and very quickly, to resolve the problem.


            We add the specific direction that the solution must take: We must quickly achieve and implement practical new "energy from the vacuum" electric power systems that act as "EM windmills" freely receiving and using EM energy from the ceaseless and inexhaustible "EM energy winds" of the modern interacting vacuum.

            Energy from the vacuum is the easiest thing in the universe to evoke. Every charge or dipole in the universe continuously pours out a real "free EM energy wind" extracted from its vacuum interaction. It will do so as long as the charge or dipole exists
¾even till the end of time.


            The only problem is in building a proper "windmill system" to sit in that free EM energy wind, diverge and collect some of the energy, and then use this freely collected EM energy to power our loads. The pundits say this cannot be done. It can.


            In 2007, Astronaut Brian O'Leary's open letter to Al Gore in 2007 pointed out the problem with most organized science of today, when he stated “…don't rely exclusively on those mainstream scientists, journalists and pundits who deny the reality of new energy. They are just as ignorant as those scientists who denied the practicality of aviation even after the Wright brothers were flying. But to expect the Wrights to immediately deliver a 737 would have been unrealistic.”



Ignored Aspects Of The Situation


            Energy and Work Are Misunderstood. We strongly stress Nobelist Feynman's admonition to our scientists, in his three volumes of physics in 1964, that "It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is." {[1]}

            As pointed out so strongly by the Physics Teacher, {[2]} energy is not the capacity to do work.  We add that, instead, the change of form of energy is the rigorous definition of "work". And, after the work (change of form of the energy) is done, one still has the energy remaining in the changed form, since energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Indeed, the energy in its new form can even be used to do additional free work, if it still remains in the system and under its control! There is no conservation of work law; only a conservation of energy law.

            All EM Energy Comes Freely From the Seething Vacuum. Oddly, since 1957 and the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang, we have known that all EM energy flowing in every EM field and potential in every EM  system comes freely from the virtual state vacuum. This is via the proven broken symmetry of the source dipole (and of the source charge and its polarized vacuum charge of opposite sign). Every joule of EM energy in this universe comes or has come from the vacuum in that exact manner.


            Nobelist Lee succinctly pointed out, e.g., that when we have a broken symmetry, something formerly virtual becomes observable {[3]}.


            Van Flandern gives us a beautiful analogy of a "static" EM field being made of finer parts in continuous steady motion. Quoting: “To retain causality, we must distinguish two distinct meanings of the term ‘static’. One meaning is unchanging in the sense of no moving parts. The other meaning is sameness from moment to moment by continual replacement of all moving parts. We can visualize this difference by thinking of a waterfall. A frozen waterfall is static in the first sense, and a flowing waterfall is static in the second sense. Both are essentially the same at every moment, yet the latter has moving parts capable of transferring momentum, and is made of entities that propagate. …So are … fields for a rigid, stationary source frozen, or are they continually regenerated? Causality seems to require the latter.” {[4]}.

            The Universe Is Filled With "Free EM Energy" Sources.  Every charge and every dipole {[5]} is thus a free source of an endless outpouring of real observable, usable EM energy. The energy is freely absorbed as virtual photons from the seething virtual state vacuum and integrated coherently to quantum size¾then re-emitted as the steady stream of real, observable EM energy comprising the so-called "static" EM fields associated with the charge or dipole.


            There is no problem in producing all the free "EM energy flow from the active vacuum" that one wishes, anywhere, anytime. Just gather together some charge or form a dipole. "Free EM energy winds" are easily evoked and will flow forever, so long as we simply leave the source charges or dipoles intact and do not destroy them.

            Further, in modern physics the "simple source charge"
¾such as a single electron¾is actually comprised of two infinite charges, {[6]} each having infinite energy. There is an infinite "bare" charge in the middle, having infinite energy, surrounded by an infinite charge (also having infinite energy) in the surrounding polarized vacuum medium. However, the difference between these two infinite charges is finite¾and is the standard "classical" value of the charge printed in the textbooks and "measured" by our instruments peering through the infinite screening charge at the infinite internal bare charge and "seeing" only the "finite difference".


            Hence any classical charge or classical dipole can and will pour out a steady and unending finite flow of EM energy for any finite length of time. And so it does¾producing and continually replenishing what are known classically as the "static fields" of the source charge or dipole.


            There is no "energy" availability problem! There is no problem at all in evoking very powerful and continuous free flows of EM energy, anywhere in the universe, anytime, very cheaply and easily. Every charge and dipole in the universe is already doing it, has always done it, and will continue doing it until the end of time, if the charge or dipole is not destroyed.


            We point out immediately that, since all our EM circuits and systems have a source dipole, then something very odd and bizarre in every circuit or system must be destroying that source dipole all the time. Else every EM dipolar circuit and system would already be a "never-ending free EM energy from the vacuum" system. In short, our own electrical engineers and scientists are building something into every EM system that deliberately and continually destroys its source dipole. We will return to that point.


            The only problem, then, is to build the proper "EM windmill", completely disconnected from the "source of the EM energy wind" (the source dipole), that will intercept and catch some of the freely flowing EM wind energy, then separately dissipate that collected EM energy in the loads to separately power them.

Insight From Group Theory. As two Nobelists have told us, the most penetrating insight we can have into equations (models) and physical systems is in terms of group theory. Quoting: "It is increasingly clear that the symmetry group of nature is the deepest thing that we understand about nature today." {[7]}


            Applying such penetrating group theory insight, we recognize that such a proper "EM windmill" system is a priori an asymmetric EM system. And we discover to our horror that the deliberately truncated electrical engineering model used by all our electrical engineers contains only symmetrical EM systems!


Crippling of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Power Systems. In 1892, Lorentz was elicited to symmetrize the already-truncated Heaviside equations, {[8]} so that the resulting crippled Heaviside-Lorentz equations¾thereafter used as the standard electrical engineering model¾would be used in the new electrical engineering from its very birth. This was done specifically upon orders from J. P. Morgan to guarantee that none of the confounded "Tesla systems freely taking and using EM energy from the active medium" would ever be developed by this future electrical engineering. {[9]}


            Electrical Engineering Crippled Since Birth. Since the very birth of electrical engineering, the world's electrical engineers have thought, designed, developed, and implemented only symmetrical electrical power systems. They have been totally unable to think or build such a required "proper EM windmill" to tap the ubiquitous free flows of energy. They fail to take advantage of the fact that every joule of EM energy in the universe is freely received as a free EM energy output flow from the seething vacuum's interaction with our source charges and source dipoles, where the output flow is emitted as real EM energy (real photons) pouring freely from those charges and dipoles.


            This is the reason all our engineers and scientists are so convinced that¾except for a few areas such as wind energy, solar cell energy, hydroturbine power, etc.¾to obtain EM energy they must consume fuel. They have been totally concerned only with symmetrical EM systems. And so they have never even learned to build a proper asymmetrical "EM energy flow windmill system" to easily tap the incredible numbers of free EM energy wind flows spewing from every charge and dipole in the universe.


            Maxwell's Theory Includes Asymmetric Systems. Such asymmetric "windmill" systems do occur widely in Maxwell's original theory, though not in the mutilated subset in electrical engineering. Tesla¾who gave us AC power, the rotating magnetic field that makes modern generators possible, radio, robotics, and many other advances¾also had discovered asymmetric Maxwellian circuits and systems. He was hell-bent on giving the world free EM energy, based on his "asymmetric circuit" discoveries. Quoting Tesla:


          "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel... We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians...Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic¾and this we know it is, for certain¾then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature." {[10]}.


          “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."


          “We have to evolve means for obtaining energy from stores which are forever inexhaustible, to perfect methods which do not imply consumption and waste of any material whatever. I now feel sure that the realization of that idea is not far off. ...the possibilities of the development I refer to, namely, that of the operation of engines on any point of the earth by the energy of the medium...” {[11]}.


          "Whatever our resources of primary energy may be in the future, we must, to be rational, obtain it without consumption of any material." {[12]}


            Tesla later also showed his total disdain for the horribly flawed old Heaviside-Lorentz theory (then known generally as the "Hertz" theory). Quoting Tesla:


            "The Hertz wave theory of wireless transmission may be kept up for a while, but I do not hesitate to say that in a short time it will be recognized as one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history." {[13]}


          The Suppression of Tesla.  To prevent his development and delivery of free "energy from the active medium" systems, Tesla was trapped and eventually destroyed by Morgan, as was Tesla's backer, Westinghouse. Meanwhile, in 1892, Morgan's scientific advisors elicited Lorentz to "fix" the new Heaviside equations just being prepared for introduction into universities to give birth to what was to be called "electrical engineering." {9}


            Tesla Was Not a Crackpot. Well, was Tesla just a "nut" and totally deluded? Absolutely not! As an example, Barrett {[14]} has rigorously shown that EM expressed in quaternions (a higher group symmetry algebra) allows shuttling and storage of potentials in circuits, and also allows additional EM functioning of Tesla's circuits that a conventional EM analysis cannot reveal. He shows that Tesla’s patented circuits did exactly this "energy shuttling", and that Tesla could thus asymmetrically dissipate his shuttled potential energy where and as he wished. We stress that Barrett is a renowned higher group symmetry electrodynamicist and one of the pioneers of ultrawideband radar.




Conclusion: Science Unwittingly Causes The Present Energy Crisis


            Three Major Erroneous Omissions Were Arbitrarily Made. So, eerily, the steady movement of symmetric-EM-systems-only electric-powered civilization toward the present world energy crisis and its associated global warming crisis was actually implemented and maintained by science itself in several severely restrictive and arbitrary actions in 1892 {8}, 1900 {[15]}, and 1934 {[16]} specifically. These restrictions simply discarded all possible EM systems taking their energy freely from the "active medium" and using it to freely power the loads. Those arbitrary restrictions are still applied and upheld in our electrical engineering technology and by the conventional scientific community as an iron dogma.


            In 1892 Lorentz Arbitrarily Symmetrized the Heaviside Equations. As stated, this arbitrarily discarded all the asymmetric "free energy from the vacuum" Maxwellian systems. M. W. Evans et al. {[17]} give rigorous proof that eliminating the arbitrary 1892 Lorentz symmetry condition does provide asymmetric EM systems having free additional energy currents from the vacuum, for use in powering loads.


            In 1900 Lorentz Also Taught Scientists to Discard the Giant Curled Heaviside Component of the EM Energy Flow From Every Generator Or Primary Source. In 1900 Lorentz was further elicited to condition the professors and electrical engineers to universally and blithely eliminate Heaviside's astounding discovery that every generator already extracts from the vacuum and emits trillions of times as much EM energy as the mechanical energy we crank into its shaft to keep restoring the source dipole. Lorentz taught them a simple little surface integration trick that rids one of the troublesome divergence-free curled component. {15}. He justified it by proclaiming that this giant curled flow "has no physical significance".


            The same claim is still repeated by classical electrodynamicists and electrical engineering. E.g., quoting Jackson: "...the Poynting vector is arbitrary to the extent that the curl of any vector field can be added to it. Such an added term can, however, have no physical consequences. Hence it is customary to make the specific choice …" {[18]}.


            Jackson is correct in any special relativity (GR) situation, since then the divergence of the curl is always zero. However, for a properly synchronized general relativity situation, the divergence of the curl need not be zero after all, and Jackson is wrong. In the GR case, a part of that giant curled Heaviside component can indeed be diverged and absorbed, and thus converted into a usable Poynting component.


            Obtaining Energy From the Giant Curled Heaviside Energy Flow Component. In the well-known optical NRAM (negative resonance absorption of the medium) systems and effects, the GR section absorbs input energy and then re-emits some 18 times as much Poynting energy flow as was input. This "excess emission" is well-established, but the physicists are forced to use the phrase "negative absorption" and never to use the phrase "excess emission". They are also not allowed to consider the gigantic uncurled Heaviside energy flow component that was also input to the GR section. And of course they are not allowed to discuss the thermodynamics of NRAM.


            But this self-resonating GR section will also convert a small bit of the input giant curled Heaviside energy flow to diverged (Poynting) energy flow, thus producing the excess emission (euphemistically called "negative absorption").


            The self-resonating charged particles in the GR section absorbing the normal input EM energy flow will thus output some 18 times as much diverged EM energy emission (Poynting EM energy flow) as was in the Poynting EM energy flow component that was input to the GR section {[19]}. But to preserve their scientific standing and reputations (and get their papers published), the optical physicists are never allowed to say "excess emission", but must use the mind-numbing phrase "negative absorption". And they are not allowed to say "COP = 18" or "COP = 1800%", but must say that "the reaction cross section is increased 18-fold".


            This giant Heaviside energy flow¾accompanying the feeble Poynting diverged energy flow component in every circuit and system¾is in peculiar "curled" form. Hence normally (i.e., in any special relativity situation), it does not diverge into the circuit, and so it usually just escapes and does nothing at all. We will be proposing an application of the known but concealed general relativity NRAM situation that does allow divergence and use of some of that available giant Heaviside curled EM energy flow: We will use it to propose self-powering steam generators by an appropriate clamped positive feedback NRAM system modification of the present steam generators in almost all our present electrical power systems.

            Once the NRAM-modified steam boiler is up and running, clamped positive feedback is switched in for self-powering. Thereafter the primary power plant can be shut down and is no longer needed. A single "jump-started" self-powering steam generator can then use part of its output power to "jump-start" additional self-powering steam boilers¾as many as needed.

Frightened Physicists Largely Ripped Negative Energy From Physics. In 1934, a thoroughly frightened physics leadership (including, e.g., Heisenberg and Pauli) strongly and deliberately forced the inappropriate removal of negative energy from Dirac's theory. This was a horrible mistake, crippling all of physics from then on.


            As Hotson pointed out, “...if one had to point to a single place where science went profoundly and permanently off the track, it would be 1934 and the emasculation of Dirac’s equation.” {16}


          If the negative energy of the local vacuum is not arbitrarily removed, the statistical operations underlying any and all observable physics entities (and thus continually creating and sustaining observed physical reality itself) can be directly engineered at will, by judicious use of both positive and negative vacuum energy and the resulting positive and negative probabilities.


          In modern physics, anything in our observed physical reality actually is continually being created and sustained by its underlying statistical operations and probabilities, all the way "up" in size from the virtual state "bubbling" vacuum. The virtual vacuum is not an "emptiness" filled with bubbles; instead, it is just the bubbles, where those continually interacting with positive energy with each other do produce higher and higher realities¾ until the quantum threshold is crossed and observable reality particles and structures and forces are generated.


            Use of Negative Energy and Negative Probabilities. By judicious use of both positive and negative underlying statistical probabilities, one then can directly engineer physical reality itself. One can not only cause an observable thing to "happen" and "continually be there" because of positive energy of the vacuum and positive probabilities, but with negative energy of the "tickled vacuum" he can also cause such an observable thing to "unhappen" and just vanish, and then continually "be absent". He simply (and deliberately) changes the energy and probabilities of the underlying statistical operations that create and sustain physical reality structures themselves.


            Negative energy for activating these negative probabilities can easily be added to a local vacuum in a specific region by simply "tickling" the local Dirac Sea with sharp little low-energy pulses throughout that region {[20]}. This pops out electrons, leaving behind Dirac holes. These Dirac holes are actually negative mass-energy electrons (or dark matter) that¾as source charges¾continually emit negative energy photons which continually forms and replenishes their associated negative energy fields (dark energy).


          Instead of peering through his telescope and fervently seeking distant dark matter and dark energy, the astrophysicist can readily produce both dark matter and dark energy on the laboratory bench and investigate their phenomenology. Bedini, e.g., has been producing and using dark matter and dark energy in his revolutionary battery charging systems and electrical power systems for 25 years.


            By removing those arbitrary and self-imposed scientific restrictions {8}{15}{16}, the energy crisis and associated global warming do have a very unexpected solutionsystems that freely receive and use EM energy from the vacuum, and which are practical, relatively inexpensive, quick, and permanent.


            By the judicious re-addition of negative energy to the local active vacuum, the negative energy vacuum will also "unhappen" the water molecule's O-H bond, so that the water molecules fall apart into H2 and O2 bubbles, as in the independently tested and proven Kanzius watergas process {[21]}.


            Such an additional negative energy "froth" added into the local vacuum can also "unhappen" a specific disease condition, as is also being independently proven for Kanzius' new cancer cure process {[22]}. With further progress, eventually scientists should be able to cure most debilitating diseases¾simply, easily, cheaply, and quickly.


            The transition to the deliberate use of negative energy (and negative probabilities) of the local vacuum interaction requires a dramatic change of the presently enforced "positive Dirac energy only" scientific paradigm¾which simply ignores the negative solution that was present in modern physics before being mostly removed. Dean Dan Solomon, e.g., has published very important papers strongly showing that negative energy cannot be logically removed from physics {[23]}.

Solving the Energy Crisis Is a Physics Problem. From the above discussions, we strongly point out that the solution to the world energy crisis is a physics solution and it is not present at all in present electrical engineering (EE). The sad old mutilated EE model was glued together in the 1880s and then it was deliberately and horribly crippled in 1892 and 1900, before most of modern physics was even born. With the removal of negative energy from Dirac physics in 1934, the suppression was complete.


          Since the highly defective electrical engineering model has no active vacuum included in it, obviously it cannot model or design EM systems that do freely take and use EM energy from the vacuum to freely power their loads. Or "unhappen" water molecule O-H bonds. Or "unhappen" cancer and other debilitating disease conditions.


            All EM systems do already take all their EM energy directly from the vacuum via the broken symmetry of the source dipole. So obviously electrical engineering is horribly fouled, since it does not correctly model where its own EM energy comes from or how. Electrical engineering does not even teach how an EM circuit or system is actually powered, and it has never done so!


            Such is not included in the EE model itself, and today no practicing electrical engineer actually knows how his external circuit is potentialized and "powered"¾or the real reason why he has to keep cranking the shaft of the generator.


            Modern physics, however, does include the active virtual state vacuum which continually interacts with every charge and dipole and which participates in generating every force including all EM forces.


            Also, modern physics already includes higher group symmetry electrodynamics models which (a) are not electrical engineering but way beyond it, and (b) do model the active vacuum and its interaction with charged matter. Hence it is such "higher group symmetry electrodynamics" wherein physics already has the necessary answer to the world energy crisis! It's there; it just requires "putting together" and doing.


            Higher Group Symmetry Electrodynamics Must Be Applied. The higher group symmetry electrodynamics answer to the energy crisis has not been pursued or applied because of (a) the accepted physics practice of rather totally ignoring the "crude old electric power" as being beneath the dignity of the physicists themselves, and (b) the conviction of the electrical engineers that their horribly flawed model is actually "perfect" and infallible.


          As an example, the response to this author from the National Science Foundation's top electrical staff in control of electric power, communications, etc. was that there was nothing at all wrong with the EE model; after all, your TV set works, doesn't it? This was after the NSF itself (including NSF physicists in the review) had just reviewed {[24]} and passed a paper {[25]} listing the falsities contained in the standard electrical engineering model, falsities long pointed out by Nobelists and eminent scientists!


          Our answer to the NSF electrical staff, of course, is that our TV set works only as long as we continually pay to restore its source dipole that the silly arbitrarily-symmetrized EE system¾promulgated by that very NSF electrical staff¾continually "kills". It is incredibly shortsighted to continue to build only those EM systems which do continually use half their freely collected "energy from the vacuum" to kill their internal source of free energy from the vacuum, so that we then have consume fuel etc. to pay for continually restoring that source dipole.


          We do not consume all that fuel and pay all that money for the energy to power the loads. Instead, we do it to keep restoring the source dipole that a very archaic and dogmatic self-symmetrizing electrical system keeps continually destroying! Once made, the source dipole freely furnishes the EM energy to power the loads, taking that energy directly from its interaction with the seething vacuum.


            How a Generator and Its External Circuit Are Powered. Let us examine the input of mechanical shaft energy into a generator, by paying to crank the shaft. Once the generator starts to rotate, the input mechanical shaft energy is transduced in form (courtesy of Nikola Tesla) into rotating magnetic field energy inside the generator. Since change of form of energy is the rigorous definition of work, then cranking the shaft requires work.


            But we still have the rotating magnetic field energy inside the generator.


            So then what happens to the rotating magnetic field energy?


            All of it is dissipated against the local charges inside the generator¾forcing the positive charges in one direction and the negative charges in the other, and thereby forming the internal source dipole. The rotating magnetic field energy is dissipated (escapes from the entire generator system) in that process. None of it pours out of the generator terminals to power the external circuit.


            And that is all that cranking the shaft of the generator does. It restores or forms the destroyed or being-destroyed source dipole inside the generator. None of that input energy that we pay to input to the shaft of the generator, goes into powering the external circuit and the loads!


            Once that source dipole is formed, it is the internal source's "broken symmetry". As well-known in physics but totally absent from electrical engineering, once formed the source dipole's broken symmetry (a) freely absorbs virtual EM energy from its seething vacuum interaction, (b) integrates the absorbed subquantal energy to quantal size, and then (c) pours out of the generator terminals a vast flow of real, quantal, observable, usable EM energy.


            This gigantic energy flow from the terminals is along through space surrounding the external conductors. The flow is comprised of two components: (a) the tiny Poynting energy flow that diverges into the external conductors to power up the electrons, and (b) the gigantic (trillions of times larger) curled Heaviside energy flow component that is usually not diverged at all, so does not interact with anything and just roars on off into space and is wasted.


            But the electrical engineer builds his self-symmetrizing system by connecting the external circuit and its loads in a closed current loop with the internal source dipole of the generator. So one-half the freely collected Poynting energy in the external circuit is then used to force the spent electrons back through the generator's internal source dipole, against its back electro-motive force (EMF), thus scattering the separated charges and destroying the dipole.


            In a 100% efficient dipole-restoring process, it will then require as much energy to restore the dipole charge separation as was used to destroy it. If the process is less than 100% efficient (i.e., has losses), it will require more energy to restore the source dipole that was used to destroy it.


            The other half of the free "energy from the vacuum" collected in the external circuit is dissipated in the loads and losses of that circuit, in the forward EMF region. This means that less than half the free energy collected in the external circuit is used to power the loads.


            So to restore the source dipole inside the generator, and thus keep the free energy-from-the-vacuum flowing out of the generator terminals so that it will keep powering the loads, we have to keep cranking the shaft of the generator with more mechanical energy than is in the useful output energy doing work in our loads.


            We strongly iterate that we do not crank the shaft of the generator to directly power the loads! It is necessary in order to restore the internal source dipole, that the EE self-symmetrizing circuit is foolishly built to continue to destroy!


            And because of the way the symmetrizing circuit is built, it will always require more energy to continually restore the dipole than the system delivers to effectively power the loads.


            Thus we pay our electrical engineers to always design self-symmetrizing electrical power circuits that (a) deliberately engage in a giant wrestling match inside their own generators, and (2) always lose!


          The huge and continuing consumption of the dirty fuel and the despoiling of our biosphere is because of the totally inane type of systems our electrical engineers are taught to build, and that our "attention elsewhere" physics community blithely ignores!

Our Scientific Blindness Has Caused the Energy Crisis. In summary, the real and totally unsuspected cause of the rapidly escalating world energy crisis is indeed the 1892 and 1900 crippling of the old electrical engineering model itself and the ubiquitous use of this horribly mutilated model¾for all our electrical power systems¾for more than a century. The scientific community is flatly to blame for it! And we can no longer continue to ignore such scientific blindness and the blithe failure to recognize the real self-induced problem!



Summarizing the Problem and Its Solution:


The Situation:


            The present energy paradigm—that one must almost always consume fuel to dirtily provide EM energy and power—has failed. In our "consume fuel for energy" world, we are in a serious and escalating world energy crisis because of the peaking of world fuel supplies and available fuel supply rates, occurring in the face of increasing populations and increased worldwide demands for energy to enable a decent standard of living. At the same time we are in an escalating contamination of the biosphere by increasing fuel wastes and related harmful byproducts, leading toward poisoning of our planet and rapidly increasing global warming and drastic climatic change.


            Since science and engineering are directly responsible for the mutilated electrical engineering model and practice responsible for this crisis, then the scientific community has to be forcibly ordered by the political community to solve the EE problem!


Impending Results:


            The results now looming are (a) catastrophic collapse of world economies and monetary systems, (b) rapidly increasing world food shortages, hunger, and starvation, (c) dramatic and harmful climatic change, melting of polar icecaps (for the arctic, perhaps as early as 2012), and global heating, and (d) inevitable wars and mass destructions unleashed between harshly competing nations of the world.


"Solutions" That Are Not Solutions:


            Presently all officially proposed "solutions" are slow, very expensive, very difficult, mostly serving vested interests, mostly still climatically "dirty" or environment-despoiling, and at best temporary. Most rely on essentially the same "consumption of fuel" energy systems we presently know and utilize, with important but minor increased contributions by wind power, solar power, etc.


            More of the same things that gave us this severe crisis in the first place will not solve it. Thus the world crisis escalates toward meltdown.




Special Characteristics of the Situation and of the Required Solution:


            The Cause of the Energy Crisis Cannot Be Used for Its Solution. If "consumption of fuel to obtain needed energy" is the primary problem, then obviously the startling solution must somehow provide all the energy we need, without consuming fuel! Solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power are stop-gap measures, but they will not solve the problem. Too bulky, too expensive, not dependable, etc.


            The Solution Must be Clear and Effective. A new and novel solution to the entire energy problem is absolutely essential. It must be quick, cheap, relatively easy, very clean, and permanent. Its validity must already be clearly proven scientifically, even though presently unrecognized for engineering purposes. Further, a clear explanation as to why it has eluded recognition by our scientific community for more than 100 years must also be forthcoming. We have given a short overview of it in this paper.


            We Must Capitalize on the Sunk Costs of the Power Grid System. As a single example of the present situation, the U.S. electric power grid consists of three interconnected and antiquated grids made up of 3,500 utilities serving 283 million people. It perilously hangs together by a thread, and its dilapidated state threatens many more massive blackouts similar to a few that have already occurred previously. Any appreciable terrorist activity or civil unrest could rapidly result in a largely non-functioning electric power grid, prostrating almost the entire United States by paralysis and/or destruction of the electric power grid alone.

            Worldwide there is a century of investment in the present totally inadequate electric power structures, grids, and systems. Since the financial cost for quick grid system replacement is quite astronomical and unaffordable, the grid must be cleanly and cheaply “altered” in a revolutionary new break-through manner. It must still be used for a 20-to-40 year period—but with the power plants consuming only very little if any fuel—while almost immediately and massively furnishing free EM energy directly from the vacuum as its primary function.


            The Problem Is Overwhelmingly Serious. As another example of the criticality of the problem, a typical U.S. city has about four days food supply on hand at any moment. The big diesel trucks constantly bring in food resupply daily. If those big diesel trucks slow and stop, in four days or less we will have mass hunger, rioting, murder, and total chaos in our cities—literally a national convulsion. The fiercest possible martial law will be immediately required, with hundreds of thousands of wildly rioting personnel being hauled to concentration camps already prepared and ready, and other thousands killed in bringing the rioting and looting and destruction to a halt.


            The Solution Must Apply to Centralization and to Decentralization. Hence the new solution must be adaptable for both great centralization and nearly total decentralization of electric power. It must be usable for initiating the self-powering of the huge U.S. power grid or any major part of it, and it must also be usable for powering an individual home, office building, factory, city, automobile, truck, ship, airplane, or train.


            In short, the grid must not stop, the big trucks must not stop, local power to and in the cities must not stop, and the daily food delivery must not stop. Else the entire system will convulse and quickly flush itself and the economy right down the tube.


            The Solution Must Be Highly Innovative. We have pointed out the use of self-powering steam boilers¾once developed¾to reduce a giant wind farm requirement to a requirement for a single windmill, to reduce a giant solar power generator array to a far smaller single "jump-starting" array, etc.


            Another example of the innovation required can be taken from a new development in solar cells deliberately made near molecular size. According to NewScientist, Victor Klimov and his team in Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico have constructed a solar cell which can absorb the light of a specific wave length in a special way, such that one photon can cause energization of more than one electron {[26]} {[27]}. As soon as the electron absorbs a photon, it disappears for a very short moment into the quantum field.


            Being in the virtual state the electron can borrow energy from the vacuum and thereafter appears again in our reality. Now the electron can energize up to 7 other electrons, as found by the Klimov team and directly stated by them. This leads to a theoretical coefficient of performance of 700%.


            A COP = 200% can be readily achieved and has been. The experiment has also been replicated successfully by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado.


            We point out that, at about COP = 300%, one can conceivably add clamped (controlled) positive feedback of one of those output electrons and directing it back to the input, thus replacing the original operator's input. In that case the unit would become "self-powering" (powered by energy from the vacuum) while putting out the other two electrons as remaining useful output. Therefore this new development by Klimov and team points a new, replicated, validated way to approach self-powering solar power cell generator arrays.



            The Solution Must Be Clean. And also the solution must be clean. By being fuel-free, it is already carbon-free. By using judicious development of key self-powering components, one eliminates the use of most of the present power plants powering grids worldwide. The water-cooling requirements for these plants thus are dramatically reduced and almost eliminated. One has eliminated most of the harmful emissions from present power systems, etc. And one is taking the power directly from an inexhaustible, powerful, and clean source: the local active vacuum.


            Thus the solution consumes little or no fuel except for initial "jump-starting" the energy-from-the-vacuum systems. The solution draws its input energy freely from the ubiquitous active spacetime/vacuum medium, in any amounts needed, and very simply and easily and cheaply.


            As another example of the high cleanness advantages, the Bedini process for recharging batteries is epochal and uses negative energy as well as positive energy. His negative energy process will "unhappen" the normal sulfation etc. of a battery, dramatically extending its life several-fold while also increasing the amount of charge it will accept.


            The first Bedini units have already been through Underwriter Laboratory testing, as has the small production line, and the parent company (Energenx, Inc.) is now producing about three dozen units per month, primarily for large industrial batteries in warehouse handling equipment such as forklifts, etc. Systems will shortly be available for battery powered golf carts etc., and then for electric battery-powered automobiles.





In summary:

            This required new and dramatic solution to the entire energy/fuel/pollution problem is available for finishing in short order, and it is urgently required.


            The solution does require a dramatic "paradigm shift" in our outlook on energy and energy sources.

            It directly  requires a major correction to the sadly flawed and horribly crippled electrical engineering.   


            Because of the severe worldwide urgency, this energy solution must  be developed in a "Manhattan Project" type manner, and it must be rapidly accomplished and implemented worldwide.




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