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seven souls

Bob WelchBob Welch

Bob Welch

Formed in 1964 in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

The group, at various times, comprised of:

Bob Welch...who replaced...

...Ray Tusken

Fred Murphy (d. 2003, drummer)

Henry Moore (lead singer on 'I'm No Stranger' and sax)

Henry 'HT' Thompson (d. 26th May 2004)

Ivory Hudson (lead singer)

Anthony Lytle

Wayne Purnell (piano)

Bobby Watson

Tony Maiden

Ron Edge (drums)

Billy Diez (bass)

and David T. Walker

Formed in Los Angeles in 1964, The Seven Souls comprised of several band members, one of whom was to later become a major figure in the rock field, namely Bob Welch.

The band also used to sing doo-wop in an early incarnation.

Prior to being known as the Seven Souls, the group were, initially, known as Ivory Hudson and the Harlequins.

Bob Welch joined that line-up in 1964.

The original Seven Souls line-up changed and became a collaboration of members of other groups from the Los Angeles area.

These included Bobby Watson and Tony Maiden, who were later to join forces with Chaka Khan to form the group Rufus.

Sly Stone's band won a talent show against the group around this time.

In a prior incarnation, the Versatiles, the group utilised the vocal talents of the Fifth Dimension.

Also involved with the set-up were members of the Ike and Tina Turner band and David T. Walker.

The Seven Souls performed at Jordan High School in Los Angeles for the Motown debut of The Jackson 5.

Further interest followed with the group following gigs at the famous Maverick's Flat Club.

Maverick's Flat Club Maverick's Flat Club

The group released only 2 singles, which were, 'I Still Love You / I'm No Stranger' on Okeh Records in 1967 and 'Groove On / Got To Find A Way' on Venture Records in 1968.

In England 'I Still Love You' became a top 40 single on Okeh Records in 1967 and was officially released in France and Italy.

The group were produced by Johnny Guitar Watson and Larry Williams.

The Seven Souls went their separate ways in 1969.

Bob Welch went on to become a member of the rock group Fleetwood Mac.

Sadly, Fred Murphy passed away from a heart attack in 2003.

Thank you to Wayne Pernell for some of the information regarding the Seven Souls

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I Still Love You / I'm No Stranger (Okeh Records 7289 in 1967)

Groove On / Got To Find A Way (Venture Records 614 in 1968)

E.P. (Sixties)

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