The Clash of Disclosure Worldviews
by Glenn Gould

Posted: 12:25 October 3, 2008



Invasion earth or peaceful explorers?

One problematic issue regarding the abandonment of secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial influence on our planet is the post-disclosure worldview. While that subject is on the minds of those who keep secrets secret, it seems to have evaded, for the most part, the thoughts of the more militant members of the groups that demand full disclosure at any price. The post-disclosure world, as seen through the eyes of our governments, is one of unimaginable horror wherein their historic hold on human civilization has ended. Those who insist on full disclosure seem to disregard the ramifications of a world after disclosure, and what that world will mean to them personally. This condition prohibits meaningful dialog between the two viewpoints, thus preventing any consensus on the subject.

Though the younger generation may disagree, full disclosure of persistent extraterrestrial interaction with earth is not going to be at all comparable to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates introducing some great new invention or innovation. Some will applaud and cheer, no doubt, but many more will not. Regardless of the method – be it CNN with bold new graphics, or some commandeering of communications by the visitors or their partners – these events will be traumatic for all humans. Panic and joy, blank stares and happy faces, and sanctuaries filled with penitent believers will sweep the planet. Full disclosure will be difficult on humanity, due not only to its iconoclast nature, but due mainly to the inevitable collateral cultural damage.

While a massive technological bestowal will positively affect energy and the environment, as well as the human condition in general, that change will also reach into every individual´s life on a personal level. Each "revolution" has been the result of the change of the predominate worldview of the people of earth, from the mercantile and scientific revolutions through the industrial and the technological, or computer revolutions. The revolution that will follow full disclosure will dwarf all previous epochs. It will be "the end of the world as we know it".

Our governments are chronically aware of this potentially catastrophic shift in our understanding and have consistently acted to prevent it. The power elite have long envisioned this future and want no part of it. The average person, bathed in the media controlled debunking of everything, will not be able to digest it. The typical Disclosure Activist seems to have overlooked what the inevitable change will mean to them on a personal level. Disclosure will be anything but business as usual for planet earth.

The release of this information depends on at least two factors of great significance. First, human races need to come to a mutually shared vision of a future unlike any we have seen in recorded history. This worldview transcends nations, cultures and politics. It is a worldview of cosmic proportions. To obtain to our place in the galactic neighborhood requires us to first lay aside our petty selfishness and base desires. Our historic behavior prohibits our inclusion. Secondly, but of primary import, we will have to forgive, unreservedly, those who have, by acts of omission and commission, kept the veil of secrecy in place regarding extraterrestrial intervention and association these last three generations. An amnesty for this behavior will be required before significant information is released on any official level. These seemingly impossible prerequisites must be dealt with prior to full disclosure.


Essentially, something on the order of World Peace must precede Full Disclosure.

Unprecedented change will follow an unimpeded, unmitigated release of decades of unbelievable information. A change this profound, the redirection of "normal" human evolution, has happened in only our oldest memories – those recounted in the Genesis texts and the Sumerian and Akkadian texts of five to seven millennia past. Those writings declare that the trajectory of human evolution was adjusted. Interestingly, these "corrections" all included traumatic reductions in human population. Objectively speaking, this reduction in variables (us) increases homogeneity and simplifies the acceptance of new realities. In the absence of such a unifying and traumatic preparatory process of some kind, new ideas and paradigms simply add to the overabundance of ideas that lead to further cultural, religious and nationalistic divides. These divisions keep our species at a low level of sociological development while still allowing sporadic advances in technology. Poor social combined with strong technical skills lead to the world we have today.

In an interview with Linda Howe, Jim Sparks, a long time subject of ET interest, was asked about any information concerning the future of mankind he may have gained in connection with his ET encounters. An interesting observation Mr. Sparks makes is that in both of his alternative visions of potential human futures, one of a "gloomy and fascist" land of darkness, and one of "bright and clean" utopian community, he sees, or senses, only small numbers of people. These divergent paths were presented to him as two alternatives we have to select from as a species. Interesting is the fact that in both alternatives, the numbers of humans involved seems to be far less than presently inhabit the planet.

Human efforts designed to produce utopian societies have ordinarily included some form of genocide. The Persecutions, Inquisitions, Pogroms, the New World, witch-hunts, the American civil war, Hitler and the master race, Paul Pot and the Khmer Rouge, the tribal terror in Africa – all these forms and many others, include the reduction of variables in the human equation. These actions are even deemed noble and beneficial for the betterment of society by those engaged in them. This form of thinking seems to be consistent throughout the ancient texts, our history and the visions of our future. The problem seems to be genetic – we have a propensity for this form of behavior.

More than our violent and belligerent traits, we humans have an even more deeply engrained predisposition toward faith. This aspect of our psychologies forms the basis of all our civilizations, and underlies all our financial and monetary institutions. Not even an atheist could deny that the god of this age is money. The financial and monetary systems of all civilized nations today have evolved into strictly faith-based fiat currencies. The concepts of a fractional banking system have reached their absolute limit, and now a quantity of nothing can have an infinite value. Based on the "good faith and confidence" in government and financial institutions, our money today is in reality worth only the materials which constitute it. Without even the semi-rational tangibility of gold to back it, we struggle our entire lives in a quest for more of something that has no real intrinsic value. The world religion of money has its own temples, its priest and prophet classes, its angels and demons. This religion has proselytized every nation on earth. While the denominations may vary, the doctrine is consistent. You cannot survive without money. People of the world can do fine without God, but money is the lifeblood of all that calls itself civilized.

All wars are resultant from the struggle for power. Power in this world is the control of energy and finance. And since our faith is predominately in finance, the planned collapse of the world economy would be the decisive battle in a war against our very basest beliefs. The social upheaval and chaos would lead to anarchy and violence. The elite would loose all control of governance and this would open the door for an alternative worldview. The remaining people of earth, immobilized by the catastrophe of global financial collapse, would gladly accept any assistance, from any source. And from the debris of the ruins of our world religion would arise a phoenix of extraterrestrial origin.

Had our species been allowed to naturally evolve, and to simultaneously develop social structures that enhance technological discovery, had we been allowed to mature as a race with a real understanding of community, things would be entirely different. We would eventually have been in a position to take our place in a community that transcends our space and time, and could accept life in the cosmos for what it is. Sadly, this was not the case. Full disclosure of extraterrestrial intervention will be a revelation of biblical proportion, with all that implies.



Incorporating that spiritual dimension, some proponents of disclosure seem to have more of a mystical perspective on the world after disclosure. In the last four decades, the popularity of transcendental and metaphysical concepts has increased to surpass the level of the early 19th century, and parallels the vision and work of Madam H. P. Blatavasky. Theirs is a post-disclosure world of intimate association with Ascended Masters who assist mankind to achieve its true potential, and rise to the level of its Teachers. In essence, technological benefits, offered by the visitors, would allow man to realize his destiny, by alleviating much of the necessity of continually struggling for physical needs.

Militant disclosure advocates seem to fail to create a mental image of a world during and after disclosure, and to act upon this image in a substantive manner, unlike their adversaries, whose actions indicate an intimate awareness of what the process of disclosure will bring. The view of many disclosure proponents is simple – human problems of energy, food and health are mitigated and ameliorated, and we seem to continue being who we were, with perhaps a new set of friends in our cell phones, and possibly a few new reality shows on DTV. This group sees disclosure as simply another area onto which the pervasive concepts of contemporary human civilization, concepts such as trade and politics, or exopolitics, can be overlaid and perfected.

We know so very little of the actual mindset and motivations of these xenophiles who visit our beautiful planet. Are they merchants, mercenaries or missionaries? Do they share the multifaceted dreams and nightmares of our species? Are they homogenous or are they variegated in character, in sentiment? Are they really interested in us as individuals or are we some kind of resource or commodity?

We will inevitably find out just what is in store for us. Or, perhaps, what we are in the store for. In any event, some of us are aware that our perceptions and beliefs, founded on the accumulation of wealth and the care and feeding of number one, are insufficient and immature at best, and that any future which includes mankind as a member of some far-reaching intergalactic federation is a distant vision. We greet the visitors today with at least four general paradigms; that they are the enemy, they are our benefactors, they are our gods or they are not there at all.

Two things are consistent about the nature of this reality that seems to surround us. The universe is stochastic and fractal. Having noted this, one might be horrified to find that our visitors are nothing more than concentrated versions of ourselves, various groups having "discovered" earth, each with its own paradigm and moral inclinations.

Are we simply like those East Indian natives in 1492, happily and idyllically frolicking naked in the surf and noticing those strange white sails coming over the horizon?