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I just got my # 3 (of total 150) Artagraphic 3d hand signed

french kiss collectibles   ...hey ,it's bettter than being in the %&%##

rnr hall of fame ;this is


very  high quality stuff (made

with an actual french kiss vinyl record)

it weighs a ton

great job guys @ artagraphic !


John Carter   R.I.P.

Stormy Monday Seven Souls MP3128k.mp3;My 1st band, "Ivory Hudson and the Harlequins", doing Bobby "Blue" Blands "Stormy Monday" Our lead singer , Jimmy Whitney is on vocals. This is from about '64. Note the AWFUL recording quality ;-)


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Coincidentally Colin Andrews was presenting very close to Tucson. He was
discussing at the CSETI conference with Dr. Steven Greer and Richard Hoagland
and Dr. Ted Loder the same shaped UFO when reports began flooding in. (See above left link)

Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots - Telegraph

X Open link (left)

y Open Link (left)

The Plan

Aliens 'tried to warn US and Russia they were playing with fire during Cold War’ - Telegraph



ufoundercover090810.mp3 Interview w/Richard Dolan ; his new book "A.D. After Disclosure"   

UFOs 'On The Record': Generals, Pilots And Government Officials Talk About What They Know (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 08-23-10 08:45 AM   | 




The subject of UFOs -- of intense interest to the general public -- is no longer something that reputable journalists will feel they need to avoid or dismiss as silly. Popular culture has distorted the facts about this compelling mystery, and a new book sets the record straight. "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record" (Harmony Books / The Crown Publishing Group) by journalist Leslie Kean pulls back the curtain on the incredible occurrences of unexplained behavior by unknown objects over many decades.

"UFOs" includes a foreword by John Podesta and riveting, first-person accounts written by over a dozen military and aviation witnesses and official investigators from around the world. Contributors include a former governor of Arizona, the former head of the FAA's Accidents and Investigations Division, military generals from five countries, a retired senior research scientist from NASA, Air Force and commercial pilots, and government officials from agencies investigating UFOs in their respective countries.


 Jean-Jacques Velasco was the director of the French government’s program to investigate and analyze unidentified aerospace phenomena (now called GEIPAN) from 1983-2004. He writes in "UFOs": “It is possible to show, using data from established cases officially listed throughout the world, that UFOs - material objects - exist and are distinct from any ordinary phenomena. These cases are few, but their extraordinary characteristics and physical effects demonstrate this fact without ambiguity. On the basis of well established cases, the existence of UFOs is without question.

UFOs seem to be ‘artificial and controlled objects,’ and their physical characteristics can be measured by our detection systems – particularly radar. They display a physics seemingly far different from that which we employ in our most technologically advanced countries. Ground and on-board radar show that their performances greatly exceed our best aeronautical and space capabilities. These capabilities include stationary and silent flights, accelerations and speeds defying the laws of inertia, effects on electronic navigation or transmission systems, and the apparent ability to induce electrical blackouts. When encountered by military aircraft, these objects seem able to anticipate and neutralize pilots’ defensive maneuvers. In such encounters the UFO phenomenon appears to behave as if it is under some kind of intelligent control.”
Costa Rica, 1971






Suncoast Hotel Las Vegas 3/13 -14/09

Bob,-Justin-and-Steve 3/13 - 14/09 

 Suncoast  Las Vegas 3/13 -14/09

Suncoast Las Vegas again.jpg 



Million Fax on Washington  Open Letter To Obama (EdgarMitchell's non-profit research organization.. GREAT reads !)

MITCHELL 7  24  08  64k  mp3.mp3 (Astronaut with longest walk on moon, and multiple degrees in physics , says UFOs are real...listen)

Nick Pope ( UK M.O.D. UFO Bureau chief ) RE ;Mitchell mp3  7  24  08.mp3

NASA phonecall RE Mitchell mp3  7  24  08.mp3 




(or your freebieS back) 

My "2nd Life" "avatar" "Bob Welch Magic"

Bob sez ;" There is nothing to buy on my site...everything is FREE, no strings ( except you CAN''T RESELL !! Or.. BROADCAST FOR PROFIT !!) ...If you want to pay for some of my stuff...;-) ..please go to the usual places. i-tunes, etc.etc. etc. See legal line at bottom if you want to get technically legalistic ;-) ??? NOT!  ( copy/paste above and below urls in browser

LINK2 (Gordon Cooper's UFO experiences)

The 2nd Life Gibson Island show w / Von Johin and Cypress Rose was a LOT of fun ! 
 Thanks to Gibson , and all who participated , techies , audience ..whoever !!
From the left: Bobwelch Magic (Bob Welch) Team Gibson’s Von Johin and Team Gibson’s Cypress Rosewood (who is an impressive inworld ambient performer in his own right!). Fun show!

 I went over to Von Johins house 7/16/  about 4pm....We all set up ( me, Von, and Cypress Rose) soundchecked...then had pizza until Cypress's set began. I played maracas and guiro on Von Johins set, and then when I went's all a blur, but it was very fun, playing in a club. Von has a huge upstairs studio, and he was projecting the 2nd life action onto a flat screen , so we could see comments etc..
We all predict that, maybe even less than 10 years from now, it'll be full blown 3d holographic real-time interactive performances...Quantum computers running in parallel will have the muscle to do this.

All in all, it was great fun ! Von Johin and I go back a long way...he set up the 1st "online interactive interview and midi guitar lesson" with me in '92, on "Compuserve" (remember them ? ;-) using a 386 processor and a 2400 baud modem ! ;-) We've come a long way since then ...


Bob Welch

"Gibson Island" Launch Poster 



Me (on left ), Von Johin (center),  and Cypress Rose (far right).

"What a great idea - to bring Gibson Guitars in-world and set up a few stages for performances! Bob" Welch is playing to a sim filled with 110 avatars, and the crowd is doing it’s thing in true SL style…offering feedback and chatting with the performers like you just can’t do in RL. Some nice Fleetwood Mac anecdotes are a-flowing…the guys clearly are having a great time."


      My new  "forum"   ABOVE . The site is professionally administered and unspammable.. I've known the owner for years and he's a good guy..Thanks ! ....Bob Welch  



Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up | (direct link below-copy/paste) (Clark McClelland...another UFO whistleblower with BIG credentials)

copy/paste links below into browser if clicking won't work,23599,24070088-13762,00.html   (great site for open-minded scientists)

My myspace page;


http MUST SEE TV !

Greg Carey 4BC 1116 News/Talk Radio Interview with me 11/ 05/08 Brisbane Australia (mp3)



(Browse the following links at your own risk;-)

PickensPlan: The Plan T. Boone Pickens is an oil billionaire ; check out his plan..

pickensplan.pdf...not quite as radical as "zero-point" energy...but we NEED to do it too ! Want 10$ gas in 10 years ??? NO ?=The Orion Project FREE ENERGY NOW ! Watch Steven Greer's video introduction

Orion Project breaking news  10/29/08  If this is true......!!!  ..Wow  !!

DECISION BRIEFING.."free energy" (paste link into browser)  ..Great Nick Cook video(author of "The Hunt For Zero-Point Energy") ; "Billion Dollar Secret"  Another Anti-gravity presentation....a little "dry", but well worth watching

What's inspiring me right now musically ; ( click link   ) the incredible John McLaughlin w/Johnny Carson's big band..amazing ! CHECK OUT THIS LINK (Robert Hastings....a serious UFO researcher's site) Dave Davies (the Kinks) has some great stuff on his site; check out "Spiritual Planet"

Gasoline.jpg.....Oh YEAH ;-)

The Clash of Disclosure Worldviews  (GREAT article by Glenn Gould from UFO digest)

Background to the science of 0 point energy the future


Countdown to the end of the fossil-fuel we want it to end badly , with total collapse, or will it end well...with the "black projects "coming off their power and control trip ? Will somebody in "big media" have some balls...or will they contunue to bend over for their "minders" ? Will our culture continue to dumb down , with Maury Povitch, Jerry Springer , "reality tv" etc.... or will we wise up in time ? People , the information is out there , but is censored by what Steven Greer calls the "kleptocracy"...the oil  , energy and military interests who do NOT want "zero point energy" to become  available . IMO, there is nothing of more real importance than this question...but until about 200 million Americans think so's hopeless....We MUST develop a peaceful world wide society that does not depend on the economics of scarcity....or perish, as a planet. BW What follows is an email I sent to Anderson Cooper (CNN)   :

Would you dare to tackle the story of how "zero point"so called "free" energy has been hijacked by extra-governmental black ops programs for over 50 years ?How even James Woolsey (former Clinton CIA director) was briefed on these projects by Dr Steven Greer..and how Woolsey was angry that as a SITTING CIA chief he had not been "read-into" any of those projects?
Or will your NSA, NRO "minders" stop you.. Want to solve global warming and end world poverty ? Expose the free energy technology that certain rogue groups have held secret since the end of WWII ! Read , by Nick Cook, "The Hunt For Zero Point Energy". Go to the Ask Bill Clinton about his briefing on this subject...and him saying , after having heard the truth ,that , "he didn't want to end up like Jack Kennedy".Will you publicize this ?

Will you risk being blackballed and even threatened to do this ?

Will you run the story of how William Colby, patriot and former CIA director was found floating in the Potomac River, at night , (with dinner on the table untouched) ONE WEEK before he had agreed to aid (publicly) the Disclosure Project ? How Bill's wife said it was very unlike him to go canoeing, at night, without even a life vest ? How , "Bill would never do that " she said ?

What about it Anderson ?

Bob Welch, ex-Fleetwood Mac/Capitol Records solo artist.

The Orion Project - Our Vision and Purpose (The search for new energy sources)


Montgomery AL 1

Montgomery AL Riverwalk Ampitheater last song w/everybody on stage (song was Jeff. Airplanes "Start A Revolution")From left ;Doug Jackson(Ambrosia), Edgar Winter, "Slick" Aguilar (Marty Balin) and me. Marty Balin is on the stage "apron" singing so he's not in the shot.

Me and Edgar Winter in Montgomery  



Music, Social Networking and College Students

November 1, 2007 3:58 pm by Rich Greenfield

The AlwaysOn blog   discusses the key takeaways from a day in the life of a guest Economics professor at the University of Michigan, Jason Mendelson. Despite a relatively small sample size (300 students) and an unknown level of socioeconomic diversity, the findings are quite interesting.

Highlights include: 298 of 300 use Facebook (showing how important social networking is to students), 20% of e-mail traffic is now inside Facebook (illustrating the risk to e-mail driven portals such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN), and 100% steal music with less than 20% admitting to paying for any amount of music legally (music must shift to a free ad-supported model, no matter how painful that transition is).

The other takeaway is that these students are not using Myspace, which clearly is not positive, however, its not clear they were using Myspace before. This finding is all the more surprising given that 2/3 of Facebook users also used Myspace last month (according to Comscore data).

Bob Welch's conclusion ; kidz....DON'T go into the "music business"

 Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper Shit Than We Thought -- Vulture -- Entertainment & Culture Blog -- New York Magazine.htm...this is hilarious.. BW

On to more important matters ; the following audios/videos...( see below )?? But..maybe not..........................................................................

Peter Jennings Defrauding

Press Release - November 14, 2007 - Open Letter to Governor Symington and James Fox.htm is the former governor of Arizona..... ??

Revised Press Release - November 13, 2007 - Insiders Expose Reason for Secrecy.htm

Press Release - November 13, 2007 - 2nd Insiders Expose Reason for Secrecy.htm

 Space pioneer Gordon Cooper dies.htm ( witnessed ufo at Edwards afb in '60s) does this mean a former ???....yeah , right.......

The Enterprise Mission.htm (John Glenn finally tells the truth)  is John Glenn Too ?? Oh yeah..john Glenn,  gordon Cooper, edgar mitchell..all of 'em are..

Sen John Glenn 2001 mp3-01.mp3 (John Glenn tells the disiformation.......................

Sen John Glenn NO Music mp3.mp3 ( Listen...and think about this for awhile...)


Folks, please do me a favor ; DOWNLOAD rather than stream the long radio  and/or video files with Steven Greer etc. Reason allotted bandwidth is going way over my limit ! Thanks ! Bob Welch

PickensPlan_320X176.wmv..Not as "radical" as "zero-point" energy..but we NEED to do it too !

ProposedCSETIDisclos trailer.mp4 (this is a video...mp4..please download..won't play if clicked ....for some reason.....? It should play in windows media player) Just tried it opened with quicktime...took a while though...please download , (to save my bandwidth).about 40mb)

Dan Willis - Disclosure Project and Media Cover-up - X2-Radio 27 May 2007.mp3 ( 26mb 3 hrs long )  how about this ex-USAF he too ??

disc project vid.wmv The "Disclosure Project" @ National Press Club May 2001; 4 months before 911..after which everything else was OFF the USA's  agenda. Horrifying coincidence ? Hmmmmmm...Bill Clinton supposedly asked to be briefed on all  this.. and access was denied.. (as  it was to  President Carter by GHW Bush , then CIA director ) when he was a sitting President of the US !  Let's ask him...or Hillary . (This video is 70mb ..1hr 50min approx) "We coulda' had free energy by now..and turned on all the lights....."     INFORM YOURSELF

kevin smith show greer int  jan 08 mp3-01.mp3 Jan 08 Steven Greer  interview (about 1 1/2 hrs)

Interview w StevenGreer_AERO.mp3 12/07   INFORM YOURSELF

"Paracast "with Steven  Greer   mp3 (about 1 1/2 hrs)   INFORM YOURSELF

Greer ; Kucinich etc mp3 upload-.mp3 (short 1 minute or so)  INFORM YOURSELF

Greer ; children of earth mp3.mp3 (short  1 minute or so)    INFORM YOURSELF

Greer plfs etc mp3 upload-02.mp3 (7 meg about 14 minutes) INFORM YOURSELF ;listen to Steven Greer talk about what's REALLY going on.........

Advanced Energy Research Organization - THE TRANSFORMATION OF RISK.htm

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics.htm


Soviet Union Rogue States /Terrorism /Faked UFO Threat.mp3 ( A "song" w/Explicit Lyrics) () !!!!! or maybe NOT..

Go to "" and search "dr steven greer" for lots more interviews with him. Also, he (or somebody) has finally put a good bit of his Disclosure Project witness testimony up.....BW



( All mp3s on my site are "right-click-save-as no drm " files. For terms of use, please read text at bottom of entry page.)

I'm a chameleon..I like all genres of music from Frank Sinatra to Van these songs are in many different "headspaces"...some you may like...and some not..I do what I do , I can't do otherwise ;-) (A version of "Outskirts" on Google video "Two To Do" from the "... B. Welch And Friends Live At The Roxy Show"

Bobs R 'n B Page  "covers" of songs I grew up with..


Below Are Some Unreleased Songs As No DRM MP3's

(unreleased song) ;  "Get Over Yourself"


(unreleased song)"I Won't Break Your Heart"

(unreleased song) "Dance All The Dances"

( Unreleased Song) "Back To The Old School " mp3.mp3


(unreleased song) ; " Who's Hot And Who's Not "

(Unreleased song ); "Revertin' To Rock 'N Roll"

(Unreleased Song) "Slow Dance"

(Unreleased Song) "In Da Club"

(Unreleased Song) "Havana"

(Unreleased Song) "Almost But Not Quite"

(U released Song) "Pity The Fool"

( Unreleased Song ) "Daddy's World"

( Unreleased Song ) "Tommorrow"

( Unreleased Song) "Old Time Rock"

(Unreleased Song) "Control Freeek"

( Unreleased Song) "Over The Top"

( Unreleased Song) " One Heart"

( Unreleased Song) "Singularity"

( Unreleased Song) "Last Good Man On Earth"

( Unreleased Song) "Love" 

( Unreleased Song)" Lady In Black"

( Unreleased Song) "Idolize You"

( Unreleased Song) "Bread And Butter"

( Unreleased Song ) "Unbreak"

( Unreleased Song ) "Started Somethin'"

(Unreleased Song ) " Real Love"

 (Unreleased Song) "When You Get Down To It"

( Unreleased Song) " Sheer Beauty"

( Unreleased Song ) " The Truth "

( Unreleased Song ) "Strange Attractor"

( Unreleased Song  ) " I Want To Believe"

( Unreleased...Piece)  "Godz Above"

( Unreleased Song) " Burnin' Your Bridges Down"

(Unreleased Song) "Restless " 128 k.mp3

(Unreleased Song) "Die Tryin" 1 28kz.mp3

(Unreleased Song) "10 Levels Deep Black "

 (Unreleased Song) 1 Bad Apple 128kz.mp3 (Explicit Lyric)

Unreleased Song) "Grandstand =Ashes and Sand" ( Explicit Lyric )

My version of Van Halen's "Good Enough"

My version of VH's "Hot For Teacher"


My 2 favorite rock bands are Led

Zeppelin , and Van Halen . The above "Good Enough"

is a tribute to the latter. I know Sammy

Hagar and Michael Anthony

pretty well . If  I was re-incarnated

as a musician , I'd want to in

either one of those bands.. or both ;-)

Zeppelin covers the mystical side,

and Van Halen has the swagger ,

humor and attitude. Between the 2 ,

they've got the definitive "Lock On

Rock" !  Nobody else even comes close, IMO.




Top pic left to right "Mona", Sammy's bass player before Michael comes up, Sammy Hagar and me. Bottom 2 pics ; the infamous Kevin Dugan, Michael Anthony's , and formerly my , roadmanager.


(unreleased song) ; "Opium"

Hypnotized (Bluebird  10/20/05)

Hypnotized (Bluebird 4/01/06)

NOTE ; I don't flatter myself to think I'm in any way a jazz musician ; I'm a pop/rock guy who loves jazz , and loves to fool around with it in various ways...that's all...forgive me ;-)

Swing Thing 128k.mp3("swing instrumental)

Down At The Palace 128kz.mp3("nu-jazz instrumental)

 Cherokee 192 kz.mp3

Butterfly/Morte   (a "mashup" of  2 of my favorite opera themes)

A Night In Tunisia ( This is the famous Dizzy Gillespie  bop tune that I quote in the  4/01/06 version of "Hypnotized "at the Bluebird)

A Night In Tunisia (take 2 )

A Night In Tunisia (take 3 ; here I dropped the melody altogether and just did "modal" soloing over the chord changes. ) 

 Precious Love(Bluebird 10/20/05)

Like Rain(Bluebird 10/20/05)

Sentimental Lady (Bluebird 10/20/05

Oh Well (Bluebird  4/01/06 )

Ebony Eyes (Bluebird  4/01/06 )

End Of Night Jam (Bluebird 4/01/06)

08 - Ebony Eyes (with Stevie Nicks).mp3 Cal Jam II

 Twist and Turn (unreleased song)

Hustler * Explicit Lyrics (from "Bob Welch Looks At Bop")

Milestones 192kz.mp3 (before the re-write on "....Bop") Explicit Lyrics (unused take)

Giant Steps192kz.mp3 (before the re-write on".....Bop ") Explicit Lyrics (unused take)

Angels (Unreleased Song)

Pod cast # 3 'Coffee Time"

"Coffee Time"   192kz.mp3

"Afterlife"   128k.mp3

"Dreamland " 128kk.mp3

"There's Gonna Be Pain" 128kz.mp3 (..rhymes with ' Trane ;-)

Something You Did 128kz mp3.mp3


The "Aliens" continue..... ;

The "Aliens" continue and on and on..........

Birds Of Fire (one of my John McLaughlin favorites)

Moodys Mood  from 1999 "Bob Welch Looks At Bop" 128k.mp3

The Best And The Brightest.....?? mp3

Cosmic Rays.mp3


FREE mp3sin "Bob's Zone"  

The Paris page is now working.  Download  FREE  Paris rehearsal tape(s) there.

pod 1 mp3-64 k.mp3RSSfeedbobwelchpod1.xml"Podcasting " seems to be the thing right now , so I've decided to start  doing my own.  It's just me spouting off about anything and anything that interests me.   Whenever I get in the "mood" , I'll do another one. This one posted  on 7/22/05 is 7 min long and is a 3.1 meg 64 kbit  mp3  .Podcasting  Podcasting News


Podcast Part 2 "Message From Aliens"(Not illegals I hope;-)


Listen To David Hawkins On ;


Ray Evans (songwriter , and family friend)


Ray Evans 90th birthday parody birthday card 

"Fleetwood Mac" section has some pics up

New section in "Bob's Zone" Over the yearsmy musicaldiary .

More pics in, (what else?) ; "More Pictures"  in "Bob's Zone".

Judy Wong 1943-2005 ;

  (Glenn's tribute to Judy Wong..above link..copy and paste url)

 ABOVE BLACK: Project Preserve Destiny - Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-Up Books: Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness


Numbers station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

numbers stations

DON'T DRINK AND DREMEL; the saga of Bob Welch's ES-345

Click this link (above) to go to "Venture Records"

the Motown subsidiary that my pre-Fleetwood Mac band 

"the Seven Souls" were on.

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