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Newsfeed: Podcasting blog in rss format

NAMM: Samson Introduces CO1U USB Mic

July 23, 2005

At the 2005 Summer NAMM Show, Samson introduced the C01U USB Studio Condenser Mic, the first inexpensive studio condenser mic with a direct USB output.

The mic offers an easy way to capture high-quality vocal and acoustic instrument performances. The C01U mic can be plugged into any computer without the need for in/out boxes or pre-amps.

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Talkr Intros Free Service that Turns Blogs Into Podcasts

July 22, 2005

Talkr is inviting bloggers to convert their text-only English-language blogs into podcasts using Talkr's free podcasting tool. The initial setup takes about 10 minutes, and the podcasts require no ongoing effort.

"Talkr takes text-only blogs and converts them into audio files," explains Chris Brooks, CEO of "We then provide bloggers with tools to distribute these mp3 files as podcasts. However, we've always targeted a very narrow slice of bloggers, focusing on well-known blogs such as Jeffrey Zeldman and Corante."

"Now," continued Mr. Brooks, "we've decided to cast our net a bit wider. We are now inviting anyone with an English-language blog to create a podcast with Talkr."

Podcasting News has set up a live example of Talkr converting our RSS feed to a text-to-speech podcast.

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FeedShake Brings All the Links to Your Feed

July 22, 2005

Feedshake, an online service now in beta, is a feed aggregator that lets you to create new feeds by merging, sorting and filtering existing online RSS feeds.

The service offers options to select source feeds and to sort and filter the resulting composite feed. You can also limit the number of items returned.

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Podcasting News from NAMM

July 22, 2005

The City of Indianapolis will be the center of the music world this week as the city opens its doors to two events of regional, national and international significance:

NAMM (International Music Products Association) Summer Session
trade show is one of the nation's premiere trade shows in the music world. Started in 1901, NAMM represents 9,000 retailers and manufacturers of musical instruments, recording equipment, DJ equipment, printed music publications and other products from 85 countries worldwide.

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Podcaster Seeks $250,000 for Domain

July 22, 2005

Podcaster Allan Hunkin is seeking $250,000 USD for the domain name Hunkin is selling the domain to concentrate on his core business, SuccessTALK Channels.

He also hopes to sell another domain,, for $75,000.

"We are as committed to podcasting as ever but building out and would mean we would have to stop what we are doing, raise the money needed to do the job properly and be divided on three fronts for some time to come," Hunkin said.

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BBC Looking for Input from Podcasters

July 22, 2005

bbc.gifThe BBC sends word that they are interested in hearing from podcasters who would like to contribute to one of their shows.

"I produce and co-present an hour long segment on the overnight on BBC Radio Five Live," notes the BBC's Chris Vallance. "You can listen to it on archive. "We'd love to hear from people interested in being featured on the programme or who just want to contribute to the show."

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Wimpy Player Intros Podcast Amp

July 22, 2005 has introduced Podcast Amp, a "quirky" podcast player.

Podcast Amp is a free player that is designed to make it easy to preview podcasts.

"I think a lot of the podcast software is kinda cumbersome, and a lot of podcasts out there suck," notes the developer. "I just wanted a way to check out some podcasts and see what's out there before 'subscribing' and downloading to my iPod."

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Apple Dumping Stock of minis, older G5 Macs

July 22, 2005

Apple Insider reports that Apple is dumping existing inventory of Mac minis and previous generation G5 systems through online discount outlets.

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Apple Faces Lawsuit over iTunes Interface

July 22, 2005

iPod.jpgApple Insider reports that developer David Contois has filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer, claiming that their iTunes software has infringed on his six-year old design patent.

Contois Music Technology is asking the court to stop Apple from distributing iTunes, allow a trial by jury, and permit the company to seek unspecified damages from Apple. Contois claims that Apple's design infringes on US Patent No. 5,864,868) entitled Computer Control System and User Interface for Media Playing Devices.

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Make Publishes Tutorial on Creating Enhanced Podcasts

July 22, 2005

Phillip Torrone at Make magazine has published a tutorial on how to make AAC encoded audio files ("enhanced podcasts") for use in the iTunes Music Store.

For podcasters that are interested in optimizing their presence in the iTunes Music Store, Torrone's tutorial provides a straightforward introduction to creating iTunes-specific podcasts, with chapter images and embedded hyperlinks. Torrone also provides a list of ways that these features can be used within podcasts.

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Podcasters Frustrated by Lack of Music Podcasts in iTunes Music Store

July 22, 2005

Music podcasters that legally distribute independent music appear to be being left behind or locked out of the iTunes podcast directory, which is quickly becoming one of the primary vehicles for finding podcasts.

The Association of Music Podcasting (AMP) reports that about 80% of their podcasts are not listed in the iTunes directory. AMP calls itself "the largest podcasting content group in the world", and represents forty-three members.

Three weeks after iTunes added podcast support, thirty-four AMP podcast feeds remained unlisted in the iTunes directory.

"It's frustrating," says Chris MacDonald, owner of IndieFeed Podcasts, founding member and Director of Legal Affairs at AMP. "We've been podcasting since mid September of 2004, when this thing really got started. I have thousands and thousands of listeners; yet our fans can't migrate to iTunes easily."

MacDonald says that his podcast's lack of presence in iTunes is hurting his podcast. "We are losing loyal listeners who aren't technically savvy or who choose not to run two podcast aggregators at a time. It's silly to suggest Apple can't add those feeds to their directory in a reasonable amount of time. It's also odd that my non-music feeds, which were provided to Apple at the same time, migrated to the iTunes directory in only two days."

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iPodder Adds New Custom Branding Option

July 21, 2005

iPodder_logo.jpgThe iPodder Lemon Store is now offering Level 2 branded iPodders, complete with a customizable logo, choice of 15 different pre-set languages, and the ability to preload the application with a custom subscription set.

The Level 2 logo is clickable, launching a Web browser to a customizable URL when the logo is clicked. The customized iPodders are available in Macintosh and Windows flavors.

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MixCast Live Podcasting App Trial Download Now Available

July 21, 2005

A trial version of MixCast Live is now available from

The trial version includes most of the features of MixCast Live, letting you record podcasts, create show notes and publish podcast feeds.

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Podcasting Hot News Topic Around the World

July 21, 2005

iPod.jpgWhile many people still do not know what podcasting is, it's become one of the hottest technology news topics in the last few weeks.

In fact, articles on podcasting are appearing in newspapers everywhere, showing up all over the US and around the world.

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Dutch Set License Fees for Podcasting Music

July 20, 2005

p2pNet reports that BUMA/STEMRA, the Dutch collection organisation for composers, lyricists and music publishers, has come up with licensing rates for podcasting.

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Most Americans Don't Know What Podcasting Is

July 20, 2005

According to a new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, most American Internet users do not know what podcasting is or what an RSS feed does.

Pew recently asked Internet users if they knew what certain Net-related terms meant. The results showed that while some terms were well-known, "podcasting" and "RSS feeds" were foreign to a majority of Internet users.

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Sonus Adds Podcast Support to Home Digital Audio System

July 19, 2005

sonos.jpgSonos, developer of the Sonos Digital Music System, has announced the immediate availability of a software feature update that gives Sonos customers more ways to control their digital music and more content to listen to in every room of the house. Version 1.2 Sonos software includes the addition of a Sonos Desktop Controller for Mac users and support for Windows Media Audio (WMA) Internet radio stations.

The Sonos Desktop Controller for the Mac gives users full control over the Sonos Digital Music System from a Mac desktop. The Sonos update also adds support for the latest Apple iTunes 4.9 release, allowing iTunes users to access their music collections, podcasts and iTunes playlists on the Sonos system. The Sonos Desktop Controller for the Mac is compatible with Apple Mac OS® X 10.3 and 10.4.

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RapidWeaver Adds Podcast Support

July 19, 2005

RealMac Software has released RapidWeaver 3.1.2 for Mac OS X, with new podcast publishing support.

The application supports drag-and-drop addition of audio files to blogs, simplifying podcast production.

RapidWeaver produces websites using 100% valid XHTML and CSS. According to RealMac, sites created with RapidWeaver render correctly on all modern browsers including Safari, Firefox, Camino, OmniWeb and Internet Explorer for Mac & PC.

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Wireless Music Market To Surge

July 19, 2005

IDC predicts that the U.S. wireless full-track music market will surge to $1.2 billion in revenue and over 50 million full-track customers and subscribers by 2009.

"IDC believes that online and wireless music services may represent the music industry's best long-term prospects for reversing decline and promoting growth, and that these new services will ultimately be the future of recorded music distribution," said Susan Kevorkian, senior research analyst, Consumer Markets at IDC.

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Are Video iPods Next?

July 19, 2005

iPod.jpgAccording to a report in the Wall Street Journal, music videos may soon be coming to iPods. Apple has been discussing with major record labels licensing the sale of music videos through the iTunes Music store.

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Apple Mac Market Share Grows to 4.5%

July 19, 2005

iPod.jpgIDC is reporting significant growth for Apple in the last quarter, attributing it to the success of the company's iPod line.

Apple's share of the US computer market jumped from 3.7% to 4.5%, making it the number 4 computer vendor.

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Marketwatch to Podcasters: Your 15 Minutes is Up

July 18, 2005

Marketwatch's Frank Barnako has news for indie podcasters: "Podcasters, your 15 minutes of fame is up."

Barnako notes that most of the podcasts in iTunes' Top 100 Podcast list are professional podcasts, and that the percentage of indie podcasts is dropping.

"In the three weeks since Apple Computer thrilled the community of homegrown-radio-show producers by making it easy for millions of Web users to download their programs, the little guys have gotten squished," notes Barnako. "And they're the ones who started it."

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iTunes Music Store: Half a Billion Served

July 18, 2005

iPod.jpgApple has announced that more than half a billion songs have been purchased from the iTunes Music Store. The 500 millionth song, Faith Hill’s Mississippi Girl, was purchased yesterday by Amy Greer from Lafayette, Indiana, and as the grand prize winner she will receive 10 iPods to share with family and friends, an iTunes gift card for 10,000 songs and an all-expenses paid trip for four to see Coldplay on their world tour.

“Just over two years ago, we sold our first song. Yesterday, we sold our half billionth song. WOW!” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “As we cross this major milestone, we couldn’t be more excited about the future of digital music, iTunes and the iPod.”

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Voting Now Open for Podcast Awards

July 17, 2005, home of the People's Choice Podcasting Award, has announced that voting is now open.

Categories for the awards include, People's Choice, Best Produced, Top Rated, Sound Seeing, Business, Comedy, Religion/Inspiration and others.

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Podcast Features Pauly Shore; No Wiezin' the J-uice

July 16, 2005

pauly_shore.jpgTBS has added a Pauly Shore podcast, Minding the Store, in support of a new television show of the same name.

Joining Shore is Marlon, the El Salvadorian sidekick from Pauly's new original new show, which airs Sundays at 10/9c on TBS.

Read More | Comments (0) Podcasts Women in Music

July 16, 2005 is a new site that features podcasts of Women In Music with Laney Goodman, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show featuring excellent music from women artists of all genres.

Currently heard on over 88 markets nationwide, Women In Music has a loyal following, and after nearly 9 years on-air, it's now coming to podcasting. Each week, a new show will be available. Shows will not be archived.

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Aussie Records Music on Location Around the World

July 16, 2005

Multi-instrumentalist Simon Lewis has been touring for the last three years with Australian electronic/folk/world/pop band Rivertribe on a schedule that has taken them all over the U.S., Canada, across Europe, and to parts of Asia. While traveling, he's using a combination of a Mac Powerbook and a Metric Halo FireWire audio interface to let him record anywhere he travels.

"The first tour in the U.S. was eight weeks," notes Lewis, "and we drove about 17,000 (miles). I was able to make use of all the time in the van by working on new tunes for the live show, and remixing Amanaska, as well as and writing new material."

Read More | Comments (0) Adds Weather Podcasts by Zip Code

July 16, 2005 has added podcasts for every zip code in the US. The podcasts feature a short forecast "read" by a text-to-speech program.

You can get your local podcast by using a URL like this:

Make sure you replace YOURZIPCODE in the URL with your zip code.

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Mutant Releases Sci-Fi Audio Controller

July 15, 2005

Jazz Mutant, a French audio interface company, has released a sci-fi audio controller, called the Lemur.

The Lemur is a touch-screen control surface that can track multiple touches simultaneously. It has been designed to interface with audio applications.


Is this what podcasting will look like in the future?

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Coolest Garageband Accessory Yet?

July 15, 2005

via AxeHole: M-Audio has released a control surface that may be the coolest Garageband accessory yet: the iControl.

The iControl features transport buttons for recording and playback functions, a jog wheel that can jump to a specific position in the recording and a master volume fader.

The USB unit also includes a bank of controls for working with eight tracks simultaneously, with dedicated buttons for solo, mute and record.

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Clear Channel CEO: Podcasts "Painful"

July 15, 2005

Mark Mays, President/CEO Clear Channel Communications, is sending mixed signals about his company's take on podcasting.

On one hand, Clear Channel recently expanded its podcast offerings. On the other hand, May recently commented that podcasting can't create local content, and that listening to podcasts is "painful".

Podcasters have been quick to respond. A typical take: "If he wants some real pain, he should listen to an hour or two of what's on his own smaller market stations--you know, the ones were the local content is produced at his large market cluster facilities hundreds of miles away."

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Apple Planning Podcast-Compatible Phone Network?

July 15, 2005

Forbes reports that Apple may be considering a surprising move - becoming a phone company.

According to a recent article, Apple has run into a stumbling block in its efforts to deliver iTunes-compatible phones. Phone carriers don't want to sell them, instead wanting to push phones that lock customers into downloading music over phone networks.

The solution, according to Forbes, is for Apple to launch its own cellular network.

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Business Podcasting Whitepaper Published

July 15, 2005

white_paper_podcasting.jpgPodblaze has published a whitepaper on podcasting,
What You Don't Know About Podcasting Could Hurt Your Business.

The purpose of the white paper is to educate readers about the potential marketing value of podcasting, and how to leverage it for maximum benefit. It discusses opportunities for businesses and individuals to use podcasts to generate increased brand exposure, improved product awareness, increased sales and additional revenue opportunities.

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10 Years of MP3

July 14, 2005

The Data Compression News Blog reports that July 14th, 2005, is the 10th anniversary for MP3s.

In 1995, the researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS decided to use .mp3 as the file name extension for their new audio coding technology. Soon MP3 became the generally accepted acronym for the ISO standard IS 11172-3 MPEG Audio Layer 3.
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Book Review: Rhythm Science

July 14, 2005

Tangential Book Review

rhythm_science_cover.jpgRhythm Science, by Paul D. Miller, AKA DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, is a fascinating and challenging book that should appeal to anyone interested in the challenges and opportunites surrounding the creation and reuse of content in the digital age. It explores Miller's ideas about Rhythm Science - the creation of art from the flow of patterns in culture.

The book focuses on the role of the DJ as a metaphor for the artists in today's culture. DJ's are sampling, collaging and creating new works from elements of pop culture, and Miller has been on the leading edge of this. DJing and sampling offer new artistic tools, but also bring them cutting-edge controversy.

Ultimately, Rhythm Science is about the tension between slavery and freedom, in life, in culture and in art, tieing together African-American heritage with the ideas underlying the art of DJing.

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iPods Drive Record Apple Earnings

July 14, 2005

iPod.jpgApple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2005 third quarter ended June 25, 2005, reporting the highest revenue and earnings in the Company’s history.

Apple posted a net quarterly profit of $320 million on revenue of $3.52 billion. These results compare to a net profit of $61 million and revenue of $2.01 billion in the year-ago quarter, and represent revenue growth of 75 percent and net profit growth of 425 percent.

Apple shipped 1,182,000 Macintosh units and 6,155,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 35 percent growth in Macs and 616 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter.

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Podcast Network Experiences Record Growth

July 14, 2005

Brisk expansion of the Australian-based The Podcast Network has resulted in a monthly increase in podcast downloads of a record 124%. The number of downloads rose from 91,965 in May to 205,766 in June, more than doubling growth in a single month.

TPN co-founder Cameron Reilly said the growth was indication that the demand for high quality podcasts was rising rapidly. "Aside from the extraordinary increase in the number of show downloads we also saw significant increases in listeners and data traffic," he said.

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Wharton Business School Asks if Podcasting can Make Money

July 13, 2005

An article at published by University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business Schools asks Can This New Medium Make Money?

Wharton legal studies and business ethics professor Kevin Werbach agrees that podcasting is more than a fad, but its ultimate effect on listening habits remains to be seen.

"Podcasting is a nice way to package up spoken audio content the way MP3s have already packaged up music," says Werbach. "For people listening to the radio or music on the go, it will increase the amount of non-music content they hear, but it won't dramatically change listening patterns."

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Edirol Introduces USB Powered Speakers for Mobile User

The MA-1EX are small yet powerful speakers for users that need better sound and more power than their computer speakers can provide.

Edirol Updates USB MIDI Interface Line

Edirol Corporation has announced that it has updated its USB MIDI Interface line with three new designs, the UM-1EX, the UM-2EX and the UM-3EX.

Edirol UA-1EX Update Adds SIO and 24bit/96kHz Audio Support

The new UA-1EX replaces the EDIROL UA-1X and adds support for ASIO drivers and 24 bit / 96 kHz audio.

Lexicon Helps Composer Define Reality

Composer David Vanacore talks about using his Lexicon 960L to help create realistic scores.

Native Announces Reaktor US Tour

A Native Instruments product specialist will be giving a detailed presentation and answering questions about this award-winning modular studio.

Propellerhead Updates Reason

Propellerhead Software have announced the immediate availability of Reason version 3.0.3, a maintenance release that addresses several issues in Reason 3.0. .

Kid Nepro Releases New Wavestation Soundbank

Kid Nepro has released Wavestation 2005 Mix; the release takes a fresh new look at a classic synthesizer.

New Guitar Akai Sample Collection

Syntaur Productions has introduced several new guitar sound sets for the Akai MPC samplers.

Melodyne uno Version 1.1.2 Update

The update is free for all users of Melodyne uno and available for immediate download.

FabFilter Releases Volcano 1.10

FabFilter has released Volcano version 1.10, which introduces several new features.

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